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Steve Jobs Awarded Posthumous Grammy


Steve Jobs will be honoured on February 11 2012 with a Special Merit Grammy Award from the The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. The advent of the iPod as well as unprecedented success of the iTunes Music Store revolutionized the music industry by pushing it leaps and bounds into the digital/online age.

The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences released this statement on thursday about the technological icon and his influence on music:

As former CEO and co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs helped create products and technology that transformed the way we consume music, TV, movies, and books. A creative visionary, Jobs’ innovations such as the iPod and its counterpart, the online iTunes store, revolutionized the industry and how music was distributed and purchased. In 2002 Apple Computer Inc. was a recipient of a Technical GRAMMY Award for contributions of outstanding technical significance to the recording field. The company continues to lead the way with new technology and in-demand products such as the iPhone and iPad.

Microsoft TellMe Vs. Apple Siri

Is where really anything else that needs to be said? FAIL. Lol.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 The Most Successful Video Game of All Times?!

*Kanye Shrug* Well maybe not of all time (yet) but with 6.5 MILLION units sold totalling nearly $400 million in sales just on its first day of release last Monday, it’s well on its it way. In the meantime Infinity Ward and Activision can settle for the title of ‘Most Success First Day Sales Of All Times’ for a video game. In fact, make that for music or movies as well. That’s right, in case it’s not clear enough, the video game industry is now the most profitable entertainment industry in the world.

COD:WM3 crushed it’s old video game sales record of 5.6 million units sold in the first day of release, which was set by the previous instalment to the Modern Warfare series, Black Ops. In case you’re curious for comparison’s sake what the all time highest grossing first day sales of a film is, that record was set by Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, and the tally was $80 Millon. So $80 million… to $400 million. … it only a factor of five if you think about it. Smh.

Check out more details in this clip from IGN:

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